6/18/19 Strength Builder

6/18/19 Strength Builder

Strength Builder

A) 4 x 8 Seated Negative Cable Row (Neutral Grip):
10 Cable Pause Tricep Extension after each set
* Substitute TRX/Ring Row if no cables.

B)  4 Rounds Not For Time:
12-10-8-8 Cable/Band Lat Pulldown
12 DB Reverse Fly

C)  3 Rounds Not For Time:
14 Alternating S-arm KB Bent-over Row (Neutral Grip)
8 Pull-ups (kipping OK)
10 Alternating DB Rotating Bicep Curls

D)  3 Rounds Not For Time:
10 KB Hang High Pull
8 Pause Cable Lat Pushdown (2 sec pause at the bottom)
20 Band Bicep Curls

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