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Joel Harrison is a NASM certified (National Academy of Sports Medicine) personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. Growing up in Lexington, Kentucky, Joel was a very active athlete. He was a gymnast, swimmer, soccer player, and runner. While attending Indiana University, where he earned his Bachelors Degree, he developed a passion for fitness and strength training. When he moved to Los Angeles, arguably the fitness capital of the world, he finally earned his certification and started working with clients.  He still works with many of the same clients today in order to maintain the progress they have made with his help. Together, they set and reach new goals year after year!

Joel coached strength and conditioning classes at a private studio called The Phoenix Effect in LA and is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. He’s worked with hundreds of people to help build strength, lose weight, learn movements with proper form, and ultimately change their lives.

If you are a trainer, this is a perfect way to get great programming for your clients, no matter what their goals may be.  Use the All Access plan to see all the workouts every week.  Show up to your sessions with a plan of action to get your clients to their goals!

Certifications and Other Accolades:


NASM Corrective
Exercise Specialist

L-1 Trainer

Tier 3 Trainer


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Since I began training with Joel, I have gained 22 lbs of muscle, and I have definitely enhanced confidence in my strength and agility. Joel’s use of body weight and combining of different muscle groups simultaneously allows for workouts that maximize all parts of the body. Basically, it’s never just “leg day” - it’s so much more complex, rewarding, and demanding. Joel designs comprehensive programs meant to energize and utilize all aspects of your body in complementary ways, and he explains and teaches with directness, charisma, and humor. I truly recommend his fitness programs in whichever capacity one can access them!

I have had Joel Harrison as my personal trainer for nearly 4 years. There are specific skills that Joel as a trainer possesses that I have never found in my previous 20 years as a client to other personal trainers. Joel understands the human body and true conditioning. He pushes the experience to the point of success without overreaching. His positive attitude only adds to the experience. I found myself never bored with the program even as I train 4 times a week. He always continues to modify the hour day in and day out and requires me to focus on different body strengthening while also mixing in the exact amount of cardio stress. I would say also that Joel is very intelligent and when I have experienced non related workout injuries, I have looked to him for my physical rehabilitation in conjunction with medical PT. In closing, I find Joel to be the right personal trainer but more so i found his training program to be one that will lead to long health and mental strengthening.

Joel is both challenging and encouraging. He understands how to push me further than I think I can go while not pushing me over the edge. I’ve seen results in my body and overall mood. I was never good about regularly going to the gym, but with Joel’s program, I go all the time and actually enjoy it!

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